Furball Acres

Do you have an empty place
in your heart that needs a friend?
would a little 'furball'
make you laugh & smile again?

I have so much to offer,
yet ask for little in return.
If you'd like to bring me home,
first here's some things to learn.

Right now I'm only little,
soon I'll grow big & strong!
I'll need your patient guidance,
to teach me right from wrong.

I love to play in water,
It's such fun to make a mess!
I don't know the difference,
between jeans or Sunday Best!

My hair does fall around me,
to the floor it often clings.
My loose lips are best...
at creating slobber strings!

I bark and chew,
I use my paws, to dig alot of holes.
These are the things my momma said
we ought to let you know!

Keeping all of this in mind....
Still want to bring me home?
If you do, I promise
You'll never be alone.

A newfies love is special....
no other can compare,
to my gentle way
of showing that I care.

I'll lay my head upon your lap,
I'll lick your tears away~
Watch over you at night,
walk beside you everyday.

You'll never find
a heart so true
as a newfoundland
steadfast by you!

Poem written by Connie Bonczek,
all rights reserved.

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