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Sometimes, we may have an adult available, or assist someone trying to re-home theirs. We will only rehome one of our own, if we feel it is in the dogs best interest (and sometimes it is) and the home/family is a good fit. I have found, letting an adult go, to be extremely difficult and prefer not to do that.

Please fill out questionnaire and/or call me 803-275-4306.

There was a female I rehomed, who I dearly loved, but knew that she needed to be more of a top dog to a family, as opposed to sharing with so many. I received a letter, from her new owner, a few weeks after the move, and it brought tears... It began: Dear Mom, wanted to let you know how I am doing, (went on to tell activities, stories etc), the ending said..at the beginning I missed you so much, i didn't want to eat or go outside, but now I go everytime I need to, and eat all my food and Tangos too. And now I understand, that you meant well, when you let this family take me. I love you mom... and it was signed from my lovely girl, whom I'll never forget. Sometimes, the right thing, is the hardest to do.

Any dog listed below this area, is with SENC (Southeast Newfoundland Rescue) and you must go through rescue and meet all their requirements.

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