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Do NOT take your puppy jogging until it is 2 years old, and his/her hips and elbows have grown completely. Jogging, slippery floors, and prolonged walking are the number one causes of joint disorders in growing Newfoundland puppies!! Your puppy should go on walks no longer than one minute for every week of his/her age. For example, a 12-week-old puppy can walk for twelve minutes (not in one direction). A 52-week old puppy (or one-year-old), can walk for 52 minutes, and should have been conditioned to walk that far. However this does not mean that your puppy can not run around outdoors in a fenced yard playing, zooming and having fun. They can stop and flop on the ground for a nap or a rest, but when you take them for a walk they can not rest, they have to walk back home- that is the difference.

2019- As time permits, I will work on adding more to this page. Please feel free to send me suggestions of things you would like to see listed. Many are asking for pictures of product examples, so I am adding them below. Grooming page now up here

You do not have to get the exact same product, nor buy from where the link takes you, just easier to show the examples this way plus Amazon seems to have almost everything!
Some of my favorite grooming products are made by Chris Christensen. Ice on Ice leave in Conditioner with Sunscreen Ready to Use 16 oz is a grooming spray I use each time I brush. It is a wonderful product, you use very little and it helps keep dirt from sticking to their fur. It's a finishing spray, helps knots comb out easier and a sunscreen too! All of her products are excellent, but I would not be without Ice on Ice. It is, for me, a must have. Also available in a concentrate.

Tools I use regularly: (links below are to show examples)

Pin brush

Undercoat rake

Slicker brush (small and large)


Thinning shears

Curved shears

Dremel or clippers


High Velocity Blower

Shampoos and conditioners- I can't begin to name them all, but a few are:

Collars (I highly recommend a Martingale style) and Harness

Grooming Table- you want a low (24' high, big 24x48)

Grooming Arm


Training, Training and more Training
While evaluating puppies one day a trainer I highly respect told me something that I will never forget. "There is no right or wrong puppy, just some will be easier to train/teach and some will take much more work." "Any good puppy can be ruined by improper handling/training just as one needing extra work can be trained with proper handling." Some may take more work than the next but all can be ruined by a human that does no training, incorrect training, lazy attempted training, harsh behavior etc. You may not realize that every one of your actions and the families also are read by your puppy. Do you know how he/she is reading you? Of course not, that is why you must work daily to learn from each other and why you must attend training classes with your puppy! If you do not want to put the time and effort into raising your puppy so that he or she can become the well adjusted adult you hope for, then don't get a puppy, get a goldfish. A puppy does not come home at 10 weeks old knowing how to behave, understanding not to chew, realizing a shoe is not a puppy toy or an electric cord is dangerous or that the kitchen table is not for a puppy or that they should sleep and be quiet at night!! If you choose to bring home a puppy, realize you have a TON of work ahead of yourself, as does the family. The family must work together, otherwise one person can undo what another is working so hard to teach. Please don't take getting a puppy lightly and blame what it does or doesn't do on genetics or it's parents or it's breeder...YOU are with it every single day and YOU will have the biggest affect on that lil furry family member. Please think about the work before you decide to ad a puppy to the family. If you are not up for the work, commitment and lifelong responsibility then do NOT get a puppy! I am sorry if the above comes across harshly. Those who know me are fully aware of how much love, heart, time, effort, work, tears and devotion I put into my Newfoundland's, both adult and puppies. If you are interested in one of my babies I expect you to put love, time, effort, and work into raising your family member also.

I highly recommend Patricia McConnell PhD as an outstanding source for training and behavior. Just a few examples of her wonderful books

A Wonderful book!

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